Why Being Honest Is Great For Business

We all know people who brag all. the. time.

Whenever you see them (or their social media feeds), they can’t stop talking about their AMAZING vacation or their PERFECT Pumpkin Spice Latte. As if the rest of our lives cannot compare to theirs (even if we’ve definitely had a “perfect” PSL before).

We call that person The Used Car Salesman. All fake persona and constant self-promotion.

Do you buy it?

Yeah, we don’t either.

And that is why being honest in your business is SO important: ultimately, people buy from those they trust.

Sure, you want to present your product in the best light possible, but before you can sell, your customers have to TRUST you.

When you give potential customers over-the-top promises or descriptions they not only don’t believe you, you’re turning them off.

With all the marketing messages people are bombarded with each day, they are getting better and better at being able to separate the gibberish from the truth.

Here are some reasons why honesty is so important for your business:

  1. It makes you more relatable, and people will feel emotionally closer to you and your brand. In the best-seller Influence, professor of marketing and psychology Dr. Robert Cialdini says that “Liking” is one of the six most important factors that drive people to make a purchase. If your customer finds your exaggerations annoying, they’re not going to want to buy from you.

  2. “Authority,” says Dr. Cialdini, Is an important factor in influencing people to buy. People choose your product when they believe you’re the real deal and know your stuff. And that means not waving around snake oil and screaming to get noticed.

  3. Honesty makes your brand unique and stand out. You have a unique story. Don’t be afraid to share it. Plenty of people are willing to say that their product provides fast weight-loss results. But a personal story about struggles you overcame? That will resonate with your customer, and make your brand memorable in a sea of faceless products.

  4. You’re not setting yourself up for a barrage of complaints and bad experiences. Over promising and not delivering? This is when people take to Yelp in all caps of rage!

But if you’re over delivering, people will be thrilled and tell their friends about how positive their experience was! Build the SOCIAL PROOF that you make a great product and more people will run over, without you even having to work at it (much).

Think about it this way. If you’re a nutritionist who has tried a bunch of fads and finally found a holistic plan that worked, BE HONEST ABOUT THOSE FAILURES. The straightforward facts might sound less sexy, but they are BELIEVABLE and CREDIBLE.

Transparency is the new black.

It makes you human and relatable. It puts your personality and experiences front and center. And it shows your customers that you empathize with their problems.

You’ve been there and gotten through it! Who is a better guide than THAT?

More importantly, it shows the steps you took to get you to a great product that WORKED. Share that message. It’s inspirational in itself!

If you have a product that you worked hard to develop, you should be proud of that. Don’t let your customers think you’re trying to tick them. Be honest and deliver something awesome. They’ll remember you for that, for sure.

People connect with people, not a salesman! Don’t pitch yourself into failure.

Before you put any copy up on your website or hit send on that email newsletter, just remember to ask yourself, “Can I back this up?” “Is this true?” “Am I being honest?”

Be honest and let your PERSONALITY and TRUSTWORTHINESS do the selling!

Marrissa Stewart

Marrissa Nicole is a hopeless romantic + writer who broke into the world of marketing, copywriting and coaching at the age of 23. As she has dabbled further and further into entrepreneurship and small business, she’s found a deep love for writing copy that tells a story + inspires readers to connect, click and buy.

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