Dear Coaches, Advertising How Much Money You Make is Scaring Away Your Audience

Have you noticed this recent industry habit?

Hi, I’m __________.

I make lots of money. Want to make lots of money too?

While I think this initially had a nice hook and brought a “credibility” factor to coaches, it was quickly overdone in Facebook Ads, launches, websites, landing pages, emails, …and basically every marketing channel available.

Here’s the thing… transparency is AWESOME.

I actually think it’s an EXCELLENT way to let your audience know: I’m a human too!

But telling everyone how much money you’ve made – and having that be one of your key marketing tactics – sounds like bragging.

Being proud of your accomplishments? Amazing. Fantastic. Keep on keepin’ on!

However, there’s a fine line between sharing your feelings, accomplishments and success, and alienating yourself from the very audience with which you want to connect.

People want to work with PEOPLE; yes, with the greats! Keeping yourself raw and real allows for a more genuine connection with your potential audience.

Keepin’ it real lets you create lifetime customers & clients rather than a ONE STOP buy you promised through ‘false advertising’.

Sharing the amount of $$$ I make will probably never be one of my marketing tactics. However, if this method fits with your brand, there are ways you can keep it classy.

That fine line can be defined by a few things:

  • Sell real work + results, not “dream” results.
    One of the least effective marketing tactics in the coaching industry is selling the “dream” without all the very real stories behind it.“I went from broke to rich in 4 days!” is an extreme claim. It doesn’t give the details. It doesn’t tell them you launched for 3 months prior. That you hired a full team to help you make this money. What your ROI was. How you had late nights, tech breakdowns or moments of frustration and wanting to throw in the towel.Keep it honest + real, and your followers won’t think you’re another “get rich quick” scheme.

  • Deliver ACTION steps, not vague advice.
    If you read my first blog in this series, you’ll know that empowering your audience isn’t enough.Make sure your “How I Made X Amount in Y Days” provides STEPS to help them do the same. The things you did, the hours you worked, the software you used. 
    While no one is asking you to give away EVERY detail for free, just make sure you’re backing up your claim with action items for them to follow.Delivering value helps you solidify your expertise. Nothing is better than the results of your teaching being evidence of your genius. 🙂

Clients stick with those they actually grow with. Get rich quick schemes don’t set clients up for sustainability.

And my prediction? This is just another trend.

What you do is needed in this world; just make sure you’re staying “authentic” (anyone else tired of this word?) and doin’ you. 🙂

Marrissa Stewart

Marrissa Nicole is a hopeless romantic + writer who broke into the world of marketing, copywriting and coaching at the age of 23. As she has dabbled further and further into entrepreneurship and small business, she’s found a deep love for writing copy that tells a story + inspires readers to connect, click and buy.

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