Being YOU in your writing matters. Here’s why.

Being YOU in your writing matters. Here’s why.

Be yourself.


Be yourself.

This phrase is nothing short of an existential prompt. A phrase that has inspired religions, politics, art, and very cheesy Pinterest boards.

I mean, it’s everywhere, right?

So it’s no surprise it’s also the major topic I discuss with my copywriting clients whenever we hop on the phone.

How do I know my sarcastic, introverted and nerdy-self is able to be profitable being just myself (well, and obviously delivering my copywriting services)?

We’ll get to that momentarily.

I’ve gone back and forth with clients on “can I really say that?”, wondering if they should edit themselves out of their writing and blend in with the “tried-and-true” tones of advertising.

I’ll go over three key points of why your voice is vital for the audience to trust you with their attention, time and money.

  1. Your persona is the driving force behind the brand, you, the flesh and bold real YOU.
  2. You are the one in charge of connecting with customers and handing out your service or product.
  3. An authentic voice in writing that spans from a tweet to your personally written e-mails sets the tone for your business.

Consistent writing makes your audience know what type of stories, jokes, customer support management and experience they will get from you — it helps them know if you’re the service provider for them.

In a saturated world, the online marketplace is becoming a place that is hard to stand out — as you’ve heard 100 times: there is no one in the world like you.

Market that. Exploit you. That will be your golden ticket.

People don’t want to relate to offices, suggestion boxes, and fill-out forms, they want to buy from other PEOPLE.

The copywriting field is packed with formulas, systems and outlines to guarantee success.

You can certainly take advantage of a framework, but not standing out from the crowd is going to land you in the “this sounds like a scam” category.

People, our potential clients, crave you. They crave ACTUAL PEOPLE. They crave having real interactions even when they go online at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Project your personal voice into your content, making the experience feel like a thrilling conversation at an expensive dinner, rather than the experience of losing money to a faulty snack machine in the middle of nowhere. Between closing your tab and clicking on the contact tab.

Spark thoughts and reactions in your audience using words and expressions you would normally use in a conversation about your business.

You’ll actually LIKE to write if you’re just yourself.

You are trading your life’s effort to build business relationships that give your audience a better quality of life.

You want them to know not just how to relate to you but when to come back for a tune up or, better even, how to talk about you when they meet a friend or colleague.

You want them to know who you are, your story, your inspiration, your vision. Because what you do matters.

Your voice matters because there is no point in doing business without YOU.

And people want to work with you.

We all have different reasons we started this business thing, kids, financial freedom – etc. It’s up to you to choose how the experience will go, however, why not make it pleasurable along the way?

Marrissa Stewart

Marrissa Nicole is a hopeless romantic + writer who broke into the world of marketing, copywriting and coaching at the age of 23. As she has dabbled further and further into entrepreneurship and small business, she’s found a deep love for writing copy that tells a story + inspires readers to connect, click and buy.

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