5 Copywriting “Tricks” That Aren’t Tricking Anyone (aka, stop using them)

At Marrissa Nicole, we tend to preach about “being yourself” and staying positive even in the face of hard times.

We like to be raw.

We like to keep things very real.

We believe in hard work. Doing your best. Failure before achieving success.

One thing we don’t believe in: getting rich quick.

If you follow the greats – like Marie Forleo – you might drool over their brand, success and following in envy. But the truth? They didn’t get there by not doing everything they could.

They’ve got years worth of stories about frustration, tears and perseverance that got them where they are today.

Just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

This week, we’re talking about a few copywriting trends that we steer away from while building our brand.

  1. Scarcity.
    Nothing turns someone off more than the “only one more spot left!” if it’s not true. Scarcity is not a currency, and no one likes the feeling of omg-must-grab-last-spot-right-away.

    Keep things honest, and use a sense of urgency with integrity.
  2. “If you don’t buy this, you don’t really want to be happy” phrases.
    One of the practices I despise the most is those that manipulate people with phrases that strike to their heart.

    Good copy definitely speaks to the reader, maybe even brings familiar feelings of frustration or pain. But it does not manipulate, insult or accuse. It stirs emotions, but it doesn’t belittle. If you want to stay on a level playing-field (and perhaps even better) with those in your industry, don’t manipulate your audience.

    They’re not stupid, they see through these tactics.
  3. Over-promising.
    We’ve all fallen into that “over-promising” trap, where we’re so anxious to please, sell and grow that we say things out of excitement.

    Think through your offerings when you’re presenting them, and  consider the time and energy it takes to fulfill the promises you make to your audience. Is this possible? Sustainable? Something that doesn’t drain you?

    Let your copy reflect the simplicity and value of what you offer, and OVER deliver when the time comes. 
  4. Highlighting benefits other than the initial offering.
    While we all love guarantees and promises that this will definitely work for you, it’s important to keep focused on what you’re actually offering.

    If you want to highlight more benefits, make sure to tie them back to the tangibles that they’re getting. Explain how the product will bring them to that benefit. Don’t promise “extras” that may or may not be true.
  5. Copycatting other brands.
    We all strive to be original, but let’s be real: sometimes we just feel like we can’t squeeze any more originality out of ourselves.

    That’s okay; keep it simple and look around for inspiration. If you see other brands doing something awesome, think about how you can do that differently. Steer away from mimicking other brands,  by putting your own twist on good ideas. You want to stand out, but don’t forget to be yourself in the process.

The thing about copywriting in the online marketing world is that everyone always wants to get sales.

I hear that!

I’d love to sell to you too. 🙂 I have incredible value to offer – but let that value shine through naturally! There  are an incredible  number of ways to get your name out there that don’t involve dishonesty.

People want to be treated like people – they want to connect with you, your brand, your employees.

They want a good experience (just like you want) when they are spending their hard-earned dollars or investing their 
time in your brand.
Marrissa Stewart

Marrissa Nicole is a hopeless romantic + writer who broke into the world of marketing, copywriting and coaching at the age of 23. As she has dabbled further and further into entrepreneurship and small business, she’s found a deep love for writing copy that tells a story + inspires readers to connect, click and buy.

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